Description of the trip (Concept)

I quit my job teaching English in South Korea and hitchhiked around Europe without a plan and very little money, sleeping in my tent or on the sofas of strangers

The total distance travelled was nearly 23000 km during which time I passed through 24 countries: England, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Luxembourg.
Start Date
From 01/06/2012 to
Did you do any volunteering while travelling
I volunteered as an English teacher in Rural Poland
Transport Mode
How long
6 months and 1 year
Cost Per Year
< 5.000€
With Whom
Alone, Couple, Friends

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  • What is the name of the song that is posted on your D.C. trip video? I have been looking for this song for some time and don’t know the arsalt/itbum and song title. I’d greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

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