Description of the trip (Concept)

The project started in May 2015 after a volunteer experience in Cambodia by the founder in a village in Siem Reap with 10 families and about 100 children. It currently reaches other schools and families in Cambodia and Portugal. In fact, we know it can be replicated anywhere in the world! Also because of this, and because we know that more and more people are willing to travel in a volunteer context, and to live that experience in a sustainable way, we have created some partnerships that we believe will allow us to do it safely, to serve in an effective way, and not end up living only a photographic and individualistic experience.We have created CHOOSE LIFE, 100% Teach How to Fish, and aims to make bridges among all those who want to have volunteer experience. This was our 7th mission!

Cambodia, Siem Reap
Start Date
From 20/01/2019 to 01/02/2019
Transport Mode
How long
> 10 years
Cost Per Year
5.000 and 10.000€
With Whom
Alone, Other
Ttraveling with disability
Video 2

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