Romania in a day
Right after crossing the border from Hungary to Romania we were wondering which one would be the first village where we would find a tourist office. 100 km after and bingo.
It would not be a regular tourist office, not like the others we had been before, not only maps and guides, not just directions and souvenirs for sale, but people who in only 24 hours shared with us the essence of the North of Romania.

The tour begins;
We park the van, a dog and a lady come to greet us and invite us to sit with them. We don´t have enough time to grab our guide and info from the backpack when a jug of coffee, chocolate biscuits, tomatoes from the orchard, bacon and homemade bread come to the table.
Wow! I don´t know where to begin from, should I ask or should I eat, should I dank a biscuit in the coffee or should I make myself and nice toast.
The table is quite big but our guides with the info we had can hardly be seen.
After a delicious toast and just finishing the coffee I decide to try again, I take my notes and guide from under the plate and…before asking anything somebody walks into the room. It is Corodan, the Mayor of the village. As a curiosity, this man is the only Mayor throughout Romania that has not had an opposition party.
I don´t know how I didn´t realize it before, but the table is not where my notes, guides and rest of the papers should be. Far less now that a bottle of white wine, red wine and Palinca lay on the table.

We toast, chat, laugh and from this moment onwards, where I want to go and what I want to see cease to be important anymore. What really matter is where I am, with whom I am.

Later on the people we just met in the tourist office take us to see local artisans, to walk around the village, into their houses, to meet their families, to try some more food and wine, they tell us about their traditions, they lead us to a room where thousands of stories hang on the walls, stories that its author, Remus Tiplea.

We return to the tourist office and keep enjoying the unexpected surprise that we had just found. We spent the night in their parking lot, in the company of Linda, a Mastín that we were just about to take with us around the world.

What I could have found in travel guides wouldn’t have taken me as far as the day we spent with this people.

The address for the tourist office is: Mihai Eminescu street 515, Vama, Satu-Mare.

The names of some of those people who make of this day an unique experience are: Anca Gabriela Hirta
Mihaela Grigorean
Corodan Vasile
….many others

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