• Why Long-term travel?

    It’s our way of life/living. We no longer want a fixed address and we want to see Australia, in depth. We love exploring the area, and making sure we see everything. You could never ever see all that Australia has to offer, there is way too much. But we are going to try and see an area, in depth, by exploring the dirt roads, climbing the mountains, canoeing the rivers, bushwalking, exploring the Beach rocks pools, visiting the Zoos and museums, joining celebrations, fishing at different oceans, and discovering more of each other.

    We can’t ever imagine living in one spot forever, once our boys are grown up I think our travels will expand to overseas.


    How did you come up with the idea for this trip?

    It has always been our dream to travel Australia. First we wanted to travel with our five boys in a Tent {well that was hubby idea} and then we settled on a Motorhome, purchased from eBay. Yes I bid on a Motorhome from eBay {won that bid} and then had to tell hubby afterwards. Now we travel with three of our five boys, living our dream our way.


    Preparation: How did you prepare for it?

    We took a year to renovate the inside of the Motorhome – from rebuilding the queen size bed, to rebuilding the kitchen and adding new safer lounges, new flooring, new paint job and new bathroom sink, to even painting the bunk beds. Basically the Bedford has been given “New Life” on the inside and new life on the outside.


    How did you finance your trip? If you make a living out of travel, how do you finance yourself?

    David works from location to location and we have a website “New Life on the Road” where we have sponsors.


    Top 10 experiences – > Most incredible stories?

    Our top 10 Experiences:
    1. Theresa Creek Dam in Clermont – camping for a weekend at a family friendly camp spot
    2. Free Camping in Rockhampton QLD
    3. Staying with another family in Sarina QLD where we had so much help with getting our Motorhome painted on the outside
    4. Driving to Melbourne in our Camper Van – free camping along the way and seeing the snow for the first time with our family
    5. Working alongside a sky diving company in the Sunshine Coast to provide a Birthday Treat


    Top 5 preferred places and Why?

    1. Melbourne – so much culture, food and experiences and Children Friendly..
      2. Free Camping in a National Park in Victoria – waking up to the sun rising, with the wildlife around and walking to the lookout.
      3. Theresa Creek Dam in Clermont – Family friendly, cheap accommodation with toilet and showers as well as a playground!
      4. Breaking down on a Highway and waking up right next to a Mechanic who helped us get back on the road!!!!
      5. Having no destination in mind and yet finding adventures.


    What was the most profound/meaningful moment of your trip?

    Finding we end up being in places we didn’t expect to be in, meeting amazing beautiful people who help us and connect with. Letting go of all the smaller stuff, and focusing on the bigger picture is sometimes harder to do then expected. But really working out what is important in life leads to amazing things – we don’t need “Stuff” to be able to live happily, and it’s amazing how little we do need with us to be able to travel.

    We have had many challenging days while traveling, and many days where we both wonder if it’s worth it, and then we have many amazing days that makes everything worthwhile.


    The biggest challenge during your trip?

    Our biggest challenge is not being able to move for the last 12 months from the Wollongong area – we had to be in one place for our 15-year-old son to get his Year 10 certificate.

    With such itchy feet its being a very big challenge to stay put – lots of weekend camping trips away and lots of exploring is helping with the challenge!


    What about the craziest thing you have done?

    Jumping onto eBay and buying a Motorhome without David knowing, and then having to tell him afterwards. It has changed both of us in so many ways, and will keep on changing us for years to come!

    “Don’t Just Dream It, Do It” – life is so very short, so make the time to really live it.


    What was your most difficult moment?

    Breaking Down in Port Kembla NSW and not knowing where to go to get our Motorhome Fixed. We had to have our family split up because the Motorhome was not safe to walk in, so I stayed with my oldest son in Sydney with two of our boys, and David with our son Nicholas had to stay in the Motorhome.

    It was hard not finding the right parts to fix the motorhome {finding Bedford parts are a bit tricky} and hard not knowing when the bus would be back together.
    It was hard not being together as a family, and hard not knowing how long it would take to get our motorhome fixed. Yet at the same it made us all stronger because we realised how important each family member is to each other.


    What are the biggest learning’s on how to travel safe?

    Our biggest learning on how to travel safe is being aware of where you are and what’s going on around us. We have been really lucky to meet some incredible people who have made our trip safe!


    How was the return?

    We don’t have a return date set because we sold off our family home before purchasing our Bedford, and we plan to keep travelling for as long as possible.


    What changed in you after this trip? What did you learn?

    We have learnt so many lessons along our journey, we have learnt to be patience, to be kinder, to appreciate the little things in life and to love more. Life is so short….and living it our way is now what is really important.

    As a family we have become stronger and realized what was really important in life – Family is what’s really important.


    If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

    If I could do my time over it again it would be to travel when all five of our boys were younger so that we could be together, sharing the experience and showing them move of Australia.


    Favorite travelling quotes?

    We have lots of quotes up on our walls – from next to our bed to above one of the lounges! They are not travel quotes as such but they are quotes that I read for inspiration.

    One of our favorites are “Life is isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to Dance In The Rain”


    Inspirations: (Movies, Books, People…)

    Many different books and movies inspire our travels, and change over the years….

    At the moment my all time favorite is “Eat, Pray, Love” is one of them along with the movie “Tracks”


    Any other idea to share:

    Just get out there – if your dream is not scary enough then you are not dreaming big enough….a Motto that I use to keep my travelling dream alive!

    “Don’t Just Dream It, Do It”



    • Before going

    Research what type of vehicle would be suitable for your family, our Motorhome is not big enough for our Family and it’s something we would like to upgrade as soon as possible! And just get out there and do it so that you won’t regret not trying.

  • During the trip:
  • Be flexible with travelling – especially for when little things happen that you were not expecting!!

    Take your time; travel slowly so that you can see more! We have travelled from one destination to another destination way too fast because we were on a dead line and we missed so much along the way.

    Also be true to yourself – we are all different and we all have different needs. There is no one right way to travel – be it in a Camper Trailer, a Caravan, a Tent, a Motorhome, or even on bikes! The trip is what’s important in life – the journey along the way makes you the person you are!